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4 Reasons to Hire an Expert for Your Gutter Installation

Are you a homeowner who needs to replace your old roof or have a new gutter system installed? Are you hesitant to hire a gutter contractor because you were thinking about fixing the gutter yourself? Well, you should know that it is a wise decision to hire a reputable contractor for these projects. Actually, we give you 4 reasons to hire an expert for your gutter installation or new roof installation services.

  1. Safety. Rather than completing your roof and gutter installation projects yourself (or at least trying to), it is always a smart idea to hire a contractor who knows how to do it! If you attempt the projects yourself, you are putting yourself at risk for getting hurt because you may not know the proper safety precautions to conform to. Instead, hiring an expert gutter installation company like DeKalb Roofing Company, you can rely on us to do all of the hard work for you!
  2. Professional service and customer care. We know that a home is a huge investment nowadays. Making changes to your home and opting for home improvements are also investments, as well. Here at our roofing company, we take pride in treating you with respect, giving you the ultimate customer care service. Our friendly installers are knowledgeable and willing to answer your questions if you have any. As a matter of fact, each of our roof and gutter installers has been employed within the roofing industry for 10 or more years! So you can count on us to deliver quality, affordable craftsmanship to protect your home for many years to come.
  3. Knowledgeable and experienced in gutter installation. Our philosophy is to do it right the first time. In order to give you these results, we need to employ the best, most experienced installers around. That way, you can feel safe and confident in our services. Actually, DeKalb Roofing Company is proud to say that we’ve been Atlanta’s most trusted roofing experts for the past 39 years! That just goes to show how much experience we have with delivering unparalleled services to our customers, and we want to provide the same results to you and your family, too.
  4. Top-notch quality products are used. Our roofing company chooses to use only the best, highest quality products available (i.e. LEAFsolution gutter cover, and architectural shingles). That’s because we want you and your family to be well protected—not just right now, but for long-term maximum protection, as well. You will be happy to know that most of our products come with warranties, too. As an added bonus to you, our labor even comes with a 5-year warranty—so, rest assured, you can look forward to excellent services using only the toughest, finest products on the market!

Call us today for your free roofing estimate!

Are you ready to make the decision for a new gutter system? If you are interested in hiring an expert gutter installation company, we encourage you to call us today to set up your free roofing estimate appointment! We will help you determine the best ways to give you and your family the ultimate protection when it comes to your roofing and gutter needs.

Gutter Installation Estimates in Atlanta

At DeKalb Roofing Company, we offer roof and gutter installation estimates, free of charge for all services. Also, you and your family can feel safe and secure with the services we provide because we are fully licensed and insured. The high-quality products that we use are backed by warranties, and we provide you with the written warranty so you can feel safe and secure for many years to come.

Why choose us?

  • Since we’ve been in the roofing industry for the past 39 years in the Atlanta area, countless customers feel satisfied and happy with the results we provide.
  • Our top roofers have been employed with us in the roofing industry for 10+ years. That means that each and every installer is equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to deliver quality, top-notch services to you and your family.
  • When it comes to selecting a roofing and gutter contractor for a free estimate, their training and experience is critical. With many years of experience, we know how to give you excellent results with quality craftsmanship.
  • Our philosophy is that we do it right the first time.
  • So after we give you the free estimate, you can look forward to getting the best roofing and gutter installation services in the area.
  • To top it off, you can enjoy your new roof or gutter within only a short amount of time–we finish most projects within 1-2 days!

How important are gutter systems?

Gutters are very important to your home, specifically important to your roof and siding systems. Without properly installed gutters, you could face disastrous events when the next storm hits (i.e. flooding, blocked gutters, broken gutters, etc). Some problems that can be caused that you cannot see include mold and mildew, which you know can do substantial harm to your family’s overall health. So it is very important to choose the best contractor.

What about gutter guards?

  • Not to mention the importance of the gutter guards that we also offer here at our roofing company. The gutter guards are critical to keeping debris, sticks, stones, and dirt out of the bottom of the gutter.
  • If your gutters become clogged, serious damage can occur (flooding, damage to your roof, damage to the sides of your home’s exterior, etc).
  • That way, when you have gutter guards installed, the water can run through the gutter freely and drain properly in the downspouts.
  • When you have a properly installed gutter system, plus gutter guards, your home will be even more protected and safe!

We fix leaky roofs, too!

Also to keep in mind is that our roofing company can fix your roof leaks. It is very important to fix your roof as soon as you suspect a leak so that further damage to your roof and home does not occur. Furthermore, if your gutters are cracked or broken in certain areas, we can fix your gutter and/or install a new gutter system if need be.

Call today for your free estimate!

So if you are looking for gutter installation estimates in Atlanta, we greatly encourage you to call us today. We want you and your family to feel safe and secure with your new roof or gutter system! So call us today!

Roofers in Atlanta: Choosing the Best for Your Home

Are you in the process of researching roofers in Atlanta, but want to make sure that you are choosing the best? We are sure that everyone wants to hire competent and professional roofing contractors, but how do you know whom to choose?

Choosing the best roofer

You can follow some tips to help you decipher between the best roofing contractors versus one you’re not satisfied with. Also, there are some questions that you should ask every potential roofer contracting company before you hire them. These tips and questions will give you an idea of some qualities and qualifications that the installers and contracting company should have.

Questions to ask potential roofing contractors

The following list includes some questions you should ask so you can choose the best roofer:

  • Is your company licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • Does your company offer the roofing and gutter installation services that I need? Are there any other services you provide, too?
  • How much experience do you have with delivering successful results for the services you need? Can I see some before and after pictures of projects you completed?
  • How long does it typically take for your company to complete a project? Is this a guaranteed time frame, or just a rough estimate of how long it will take?
  • How long have you been in business? How much experience (and what type) does your roof and gutter installers have?
  • Do you offer a free roofing estimate so I know what exactly needs to be repaired or installed?
  • If I request a free estimate, does that mean I have to hire you for the services, or what is your policy?
  • Do you have a showroom that I can visit to see the product(s) before installation? What are the hours and location of the showroom?
  • What types of products do you use? Are the products reputable and trust-worthy brands that last long and are durable?
  • Does your company offer any specials on services or products?
  • Does your labor and/or the products you use have warranties? If so, what are the exact specifications of the warranties?
  • What type of emergency service(s) do you offer? For instance, if I have an emergency, and I need the roofing or gutter service right away, does your company offer emergency and/or fast service?

What kind of service do you need?

If you’re unsure whether or not your home needs a new roof, you can either schedule your free roofing estimate (written) with us, or you can call us to ask questions. We have 39 years of experience being Atlanta’s most trusted roofing experts. We know that buying a new roof is a big investment, and you can feel confident you’re receiving top-notch services using top-of-the-line products, too.

So whether you are looking for a qualified roofer for roof replacement/roof repair, gutter installation, gutter cover installation , or architectural shingles, we have the solution to meet your needs!

Hire DeKalb Roofing Company and hire the best!

We want you and your family to be well protected, happy, and safe, and that means giving you quality craftsmanship through the roofing and gutter installation services we offer. You can be rest assured that our roofers will produce top-notch results for any of the services you choose!

3 Reasons All Roofing Companies are NOT Created Equal

When searching for a roofing company, it is important to note that all of the companies you come across are not equal. In fact, there are a few exceptional roofing companies in the area, and then there are many that do not perform the quality work you deserve for your investment.

At Dekalb Roofing Company, we want to educate consumers so they can select the best roofer for the job. Below are 3 reasons that all roofing contractors are NOT created equal.

1. Experience

  • Experience plays an important role when roofing a home or office building, and at Dekalb Roofing Company we know this better than anyone else. In fact, we have been in business for nearly 40 years!
  • When you hire us to oversee your roofing project, you will receive a prompt quote, professional service, and a quick turnaround time on your project. Our team of dedicated roofing specialists can typically have your project completed in just 1-2 days!

2. Customer Service

  • We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and will go out of our way to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. Many roofing companies work as quickly as possible, and pay little attention to the quality of their work. At Dekalb Roofing Company we stand by our work, and offer a 5-year warranty on labor.
  • In addition, when calling our office or visiting our showroom, you will be greeted with a smile and a handshake. We believe in treating the customer with the utmost dignity and respect.

3. Clean Up

  • Are you concerned that a roofing project will leave your yard in shambles? Whether you need a new roof, professional gutter installation, gutter covers or any other service that we offer, your yard will look impeccable when we leave.
  • Our roofing contractors are trained to leave your yard just as they found it– no nails or other foreign materials will be left behind!

If you are searching for an Atlanta roofing company that you can trust to finish the job in time and on budget, then contact Dekalb Roofing Company today for your free estimate!

Need a Tucker, Ga. Roofing Company You Can Trust?

Do you need roofing or gutter installation services? Are you in need of a roofing company that you can trust with one of your most valuable assets? Well, DeKalb Roofing Company has the perfect solutions and products to meet you and your family’s needs.

Taking care of your roofing needs

Located in DeKalb County, Tucker, Georgia is situated 15 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta. With our roofing company being Atlanta’s most trusted roofing experts for the past 39 years, we have been consistently serving our customers with pride and courtesy. Our customers repeatedly tell us how happy and satisfied they are with the professional workmanship that we provide. If our customers aren’t happy, then we aren’t happy either!

We stand by our products and services 100%. Actually, we have a 5-year warranty on labor, and we use the best products in the market. For instance, if you are interested in protecting your roof and gutter by having us install gutter covers, we use a product called LeafSolution. The intended use of this product is to keep the debris out of your gutter so the water can run through freely. The more gunk you have inside of your gutters, the less freely the rainwater will be able to run through. This creates water backup, and can lead to serious problems, too.

The LeafSolution is just one example of the many finest-quality products we use for your roof and gutter systems! If you’d like to see the products first-hand, we welcome you to stop in to our showroom. Here you can browse through our selection of shingles and other materials so you can decide which products you like best! You can even ask our friendly and knowledgeable associates about the products they recommend to protect your home and your family.

So if you are looking for a roofing company who you can trust, you can expect many amazing features from DeKalb Roofing Company, such as:

  • Fast, friendly, and professional customer service.
  • A free estimate when we come out to evaluate your roof and gutter systems.
  • When we come to your home for the initial inspection, we will thoroughly evaluate your roof and gutters before giving you our recommendation(s).
  • You and your family can be rest-assured that our quality workmanship produces exquisite results for your home’s exterior appearance, and for your family’s safety.
  • Best of all, most of our products are backed by warranties, which means you and your family can enjoy them for many years to come.

If you live in the area, and need a roofing company that you can trust, contact us today. In addition, you can schedule your appointment for the roofing or gutter installation services we offer. Call today!

How long does the average roof last?

Have you just recently moved into a new home and you’re wondering whether or not you have to replace the roof? Or maybe you have been living in your current home for 25 years, and you haven’t replaced your roof during that entire time period. If you aren’t too sure if your roof needs to be replaced, DeKalb Roofing Company is here to help you and your family stay protected!

If you connect with either of the two previous questions, you may already be wondering how long the average roof lasts. Well, our DeKalb Roofing Company installers are knowledgeable at determining and evaluating the condition of your roof to see if a new roof is needed. You can schedule an appointment with us, and we will come to your home for a thorough inspection and consultation.

Factors that influence your roofs’ life span

In the meantime, you might be enlightened to learn of the many factors that have strong effects on the lifetime of your roof, such as:

  • The color of your roof (light color versus dark color)
  • Ventilation options
  • How your current roof was installed
  • The pitch or the angle of your roof
  • The types of roofing materials that were used (such as architectural shingles)

It’s always best to choose the best of the best when it comes to protecting you and your family—that is why DeKalb Roofing Company only uses top-quality, long-lasting roofing materials to meet your needs.

Climate affects your roof, too!

Another factor to consider is the climate you live in. Many conditions can reduce the amount of years your roof can last, and these include:

  • Sun
  • Wind
  • Heavy rains
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Hail
  • Traffic (pertinent to commercial buildings)
  • Movements in the building’s structure
  • Temperature fluctuations

How long will the average roof last?

The lifespan of an average roof is between 10-20 years. You must keep in mind that you cannot expect a roof to last its entire lifetime without regular maintenance and repairs. This is similar to the 3,000-mile oil changes you perform so that your car maintains maximum efficiency and a long life span—the same care and maintenance applies to your roof!

Since your roof withstands many of these elements on a monthly basis, it is always better to be safe than sorry—schedule your yearly roof maintenance check-up. Doing so will help the average roof last a few more years!

If you think you’ve neglected your roof for way too long, or if you are in need of roof repairs, feel free to call DeKalb Roofing Company for your free quote or to schedule your appointment! We want to be your roofing company of choice!