Disadvantages of a Tin Roof

roof installationWhen the time comes to get a new roof, there are a few important decisions to be made. One of the most important choices is what type of material to use for the new roof. There are a few advantages to selecting a tin roof: it may last longer, it can add value to your home, and some people simply prefer the appearance of a metal roof. However, there are also several disadvantages to selecting a tin roof. Here are a few reasons many customers choose traditional shingles rather than a tin roof.

Tin Roof Disadvantages

  • Tin roofs are typically more expensive than shingle roofs. Choosing a metal roof is often more expensive because it is expected to last longer than a shingle roof. For homeowners who do not wish to pay a large amount of money upfront, shingles are probably a better option.
  • A tin roof will need to be repainted to maintain its appearance. One major draw of metal roofs is that they allow homeowners to select the specific color of the roof, but the downside is that the roof must be repainted after a certain amount of time.
  • A tin roof can be noisy during storms. Some people may enjoy the sound of rain hitting a tin roof, but others find it bothersome.
  • You must be very careful when walking on a metal roof to avoid damaging it. Work done on the roof will require professional help.

Selecting the Material for Your New Roof

Here are a few things homeowners should consider before making a decision regarding the materials used in the new roof.

  • Homeowners should take into account location and environmental conditions. A metal roof may not be the best option for homes near the coast, as salt from the ocean can corrode metal over time. The same goes for homes in hurricane-prone areas; a tin roof is more likely to sustain damage in a hurricane or other severe weather.
  • Check with your insurance agency before having a new roof installed. Some companies will increase your rates if you get a metal roof rather than shingles because weather damage can dent a metal roof.
  • A tin roof needs to be treated regularly to prevent corrosion. Homeowners should keep this maintenance in mind when considering a tin roof.
  • The cost of your new roof should certainly be considered. While a metal roof may last longer, its initial costs will be significantly more. Homeowners should consider whether the initial cost is a worthy investment.
  • When having a tin roof installed, it is imperative that homeowners find an experienced roofing expert to ensure issues such as corrosion and leaks do not arise. In addition, the roof must be installed in such a way that the metal can expand and contract with temperature changes. Failure to do so can result in the roof coming away from the fasteners.

If you are considering getting a new roof for your home in the Atlanta area, it’s important to take the time to make the right choice for your needs. Our experienced roofing professionals can help you make important decisions about your new roof and provide you with top-quality installation service. Call DeKalb Roofing Company today to learn more about your roofing options.

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