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Benefits of Choosing a Local Roofer Near Tucker, GA

Are you on the fence about whether or not to choose a local roofer for your roof installation project?

Have you ever wondered why choosing a local contractor is beneficial? Well, if so, read on!

Why is it Beneficial to Choose a Local Roofer Versus Other Competitors?

  1. Convenient, one-on-one communication. When you hire a local roofer or contractor, the company is more easily accessible when you need something. They are held highly accountable for their work by their community and customers, and they quickly reply to customer requests and customer needs.
  2. Contributing to your community’s local economy. Go local! Hiring local contractors keeps work and money in your community, which leads to personal satisfaction for many people.
  3. Cost-effective option. Since your local contractor is located in the same geographic area, they spend less time traveling. This means less money out of your pocket, making local contractors a cost-effective option.
  4. Credible referrals from locals. In smaller, tight-knit communities, you have the ability to easily check the contractor’s credentials. You can hear, first-hand, honest feedback from local residents regarding the service they received.
  5. Reliable service. Local roofers and contractors are reputable for holding true to company values, and offering reliable service. Since local roofers want to uphold their positive reputation within the community, they proudly offer reliable, values-oriented service.
  6. Easy access to visiting homes where they completed projects. Since you live in or very near the radius covered by your local roofer, you can easily drive to see projects they’ve completed. That way, you can gain a better sense of the roofing work you can expect.
  7. Knowledge of your geographic area. Your local roofer is knowledgeable regarding the local permits, zoning rights, and the like. This is critical when it comes to receiving top-quality roofing services that adhere to local regulations.

Hiring a Reputable, Experienced Local Roofer

Now you can understand why so many people are hiring local roofers! So if you need a new roof or gutter for your home, DeKalb Roofing Company is a reputable local roofer near Tucker, GA. Our professional, experienced contractors of DeKalb Roofing Company will undoubtedly deliver exceptional roofing and gutter work.

Furthermore, our local roofers have a 5-year warranty on labor to ensure customer satisfaction. We stand behind our work 100%, while even offering free estimates. With approximately 40+ years in the roofing industry, we are passionate and dedicated to giving unparalleled services to our customers.

As you can see, hiring our local contractors for your roof and gutter installation project will benefit you in more ways than one. We invite you to call us today to schedule your free estimate appointment!

How to Get A Quality Roofing Contractor in Atlanta

If you’re looking for high-quality roof installation, there are a variety of roofers to choose from in the market. Figuring out exactly how to get a quality roofing contractor is no easy task. However, there are certain qualities you can look for in order to determine whether or not your prospective roofer will provide you with high-quality work.

What to Look For in Quality Roofers:

There are several qualities which set extraordinary roofers apart from ordinary roofers. These qualities include:

  • Experience. Don’t hire a roofer who is new to the industry. You need roofers who have experience in this construction field so you can be sure they have the knowledge, skill, and expertise to get the job done.
  • Establishment. High-quality roofing contractors will have a permanent place of business, a tax identification number, and a business license. If your roofer does not possess these things, the quality of their work may be in doubt.
  • Safety. Needless to say, roofing is a dangerous operation, and sloppy work can endanger both workers and bystanders. In addition, low-quality work can cause significant property damage. Make sure that your roofer has complete insurance, including worker compensation. 
  • Licensed. Depending on the state, a roofing contractor may need a license to practice roof installation. Check your state’s licensing requirements, and then check to make sure that your roofer has a license.

How to Determine If Your Roofer Will Do a Quality Job

There are several actions you can take to determine if you’re hiring a legitimate and high-quality roofing company. These include:

  • Checking customer references by calling several customers with similar roofs as yours.
  • Checking the roofing contractor’s financial information, including creditors and banking references.
  • Call the Better Business Bureau to find out if there have been any complaints about the roofer, or if there have been any unsatisfied customers.
  • Insist that your roofer provide you with a written proposal, and check to make sure that you think it is both complete and fair.

Why Choose DeKalb Roofing Company?

If you’re looking for a high-quality roofing job in Atlanta, you need the experienced roofing experts at DeKalb Roofing Company. These workers have over 3 decades of experience in the field of roofing, and they have the credentials to back up their claims.

When you do your homework on DeKalb Roofing Company, you will soon understand that these roofers will provide you with exceptional roofing and gutter results.

Call the roof installation specialists at DeKalb Roofing Company today to schedule your free estimate at 404-288-5728.





Storm Chaser Roofers: Avoid Them at All Costs!

There are scams in every industry, including the roofing industry. While pyramid get-rich-quick schemes and dangerous diet programs are common, there are other less-suspecting schemes on the market. These scams include storm chaser roofers. The experienced and honest roofing contractors at DeKalb Roofing Company want to show you the importance of carefully choosing a roofing company, and how to avoid potential scams.

What are “Storm Chaser Roofers?”

Storm chaser roofers are seemingly legitimate roofing contractors that move into your neighborhood right after a serious storm that has caused significant damage to surrounding homes.

These roofers will approach you with apparently good intentions. They will offer roof repairs at bargain prices, and portray a facade of compassion. They will likely “understand your situation” and “offer to help at a low cost.”

Don’t trust these roofers! 

Storm chaser roofers do one of two things. They will:

  • Start the job and fail to finish
  • Provide low-quality work
After they “finish” the job, they will simply take your money and run!

How Can I Identify a Storm Chaser Roofer?

Identifying a storm chaser roofer is not tricky if you pay attention to the following indicators. Storm chaser roofers will:

  • Move into your neighborhood immediately after a storm
  • Ask you for payment up front
Although these roofers can often seem legitimate, don’t let them fool you! They can leave your wallet empty and your home in shambles. If your roof has suffered significant damage due to a storm, don’t hesitate to find legitimate roofers who provide high-quality roof installation.

How to Tell If A Roofer is Legitimate:

You can tell if a roofer is legitimate by taking the following steps:

  • Check local references, specifically for jobs completed in the last 30 days and over 1 year ago.
  • Make sure that their local business license has been valid for over 1 year.
  • Make sure they are a member of the local Better Business Bureau.
  • Make sure they have insurance, including liability and workers compensation.
  • Check for written manufacturer warranties.
  • Check for written labor warranties.

Choose the Legitimate Roofers at DeKalb Roofing Company

If you’re looking for roof installation contractors with the credentials to back up their claims, choose DeKalb Roofing Company. These top-notch roofers have over 39 years of experience in the roofing industry, so you know they have the knowledge and expertise to do a superb job.

Call DeKalb Roofing Company today for a free estimate at 404-288-5728.


Where to Re-Roof Your House in Atlanta

There are many reasons why your home may need a high quality new roof. If your home has experienced storm damage, has leaks, or is simply aesthetically unappealing, the high-quality roofing contractors at DeKalb Roofing Company can help!

Why should I re-roof?

Quite simply, a roof is the guarding element of your home. Your roof keeps your home safe and secure, and if your roof isn’t functioning properly, your entire house may be at risk.

Water is the most damaging force on a home, and unchecked water damage can hurt both the inside of your house, and your home’s very foundation!

Also, in this market it is very important to increase your home’s re-sell value. A brand new roof can be a major perk when it comes to selling your home, especially if you opt for architectural shingles.

Sometimes, you may simply want to increase the aesthetic value of your home. If this is the case, you may be surprised as to how much of an aesthetic difference a new roof can make.

How extensive is the re-roofing process?

The re-roofing process is extremely extensive. It involves:

  • Removing old shingles
  • Inspecting the wood underneath

    dekalb roofing company

  • Replacing wood as needed
  • Installing shingle felt with an ice and water shield for valleys and other problem areas
  • Installing your new shingles
  • Installing ridge vents
  • Sealing off all roof projections
  • Cleaning any loose debris around your home using a magnetic nail sweeper

What damage will this do to my property?

The answer is  none. With many roofing companies, cleaning up isn’t part of the bargain. If you choose DeKalb Roofing Company as your Atlanta roofers, these experienced workers will make sure that you won’t be left with any sort of mess! They provide all of the necessary equipment to clean up your property, so you won’t have to stress over your beautiful new roof.

What makes DeKalb Roofing Company stand out?

If you are looking for the best workers qualified to re-roof your house, you need DeKalb Roofing Company. There are several qualities that cause DeKalb Roofing Company to be a cut above other Atlanta roofers:

  • Experience. The expert roofers at DeKalb Roofing Company have been in operation for over 40 years, so they have the knowledge and the expertise needed to provide you with the highest quality roofing on the market.
  • Speed. At DeKalb Roofing Company, the job is always completed in 1-2 days! Thus, getting your new roof will not be a long and drawn-out hassle.
  • Efficiency. The roofers at DeKalb Roofing Company examine every possible aspect of the roofing process. They come prepared with high-quality materials, and all the tools they need to get the job done. In addition, they clean up after your new roof is installed, so you’ll never have to worry about any kind of mess.


Choose DeKalb Roofing Company!screen-shot-2011-10-31-at-8-45-26-am

If you’re looking for the best re-roofers, choose DeKalb Roofing Company. Not only do these professionals promise high-quality work, they also can provide you with top-notch materials, including innovative architectural shingles. They also give you quality roofing at a fair price!

If your home has suffered damage from leaks or storms, or if you simply want to enhance the aesthetic quality of your home, choose DeKalb Roofing Company. Call us today for a free estimate at 404-288-5728.

Fast Roofing Contractors in Atlanta, GA

Have you already decided that you want to install a new roof or a new gutter system for your home, but you haven’t decided which contractor to hire? Well if you live in the Atlanta, GA area, you’ll be happy to know that our fast roofing contractors complete most projects within 1-2 days!

Roofing and gutter installation services we offer to you

DeKalb Roofing Company prides itself on delivering unparalleled roofing and gutter installation services. Actually, you can choose from any of the following services we offer:

  • Roof installation—our incredible roof installation process and results are a reflection of our 39 years of experience!
  • Gutter installation—we will install your gutter(s) system using our expertise and experience.
  • Gutter covers—we use a product called LEAFSOLUTION to keep the debris out of your gutter so the water can run through freely, and with no problems.
  • Architectural shingles—to enhance the appearance of your roof and home. You can view samples of these aesthetically pleasing shingles when you visit our showroom.

So whether you are looking for a qualified roofer for roof replacement, gutter installation, roof repair, gutter cover installation, or architectural shingles, we have the solution to meet your needs!

Why should you choose our fast roofing contractors?

Here at DeKalb Roofing Company, we want you and your family to be well protected, happy, and safe, and that means giving you quality craftsmanship through the roofing and gutter installation services we offer. You can be rest assured that our fast roofers will produce top-notch results for any of the services you choose!

  • You can count on us to give you the results you deserve. In fact, our customers love the fact that we complete most jobs within 1-2 days—that’s a short amount of time to wait for astounding results!
  • When you choose our roofers, you can enjoy a quick turnaround for a beautiful, well protected home.
  • Furthermore, after the project is complete, our expert roofing and gutter installation professionals will haul away all debris to leave your yard neat, clean, and beautiful like it was before we started the projects.
  • We know that some homeowners do not know all of the ins and outs of the roofing industry. Well, don’t worry about that because our roofing and gutter installers have each been employed in the industry for 10 years or more. We are more than happy to explain any services we offer, and answer any questions you have.

Don’t know if you need a new roof or gutter?

If you’re unsure whether or not your home needs a new roof or a new gutter, you can either schedule your free roofing estimate (written) with us, or you can call us to ask questions. We know that buying a new roof is a big investment, and you can feel confident you’re receiving top-notch services, while using top-of-the-line products, too. We prove our trustworthiness through our 39 years of experience being Atlanta’s most trusted roofing experts.

Call today for your free roofing estimate!

If you are ready to take advantage of our amazing home solutions, call our roofing contractors for your free roofing estimate. Also, be sure to browse our website specials where we offer great home exterior solutions at affordable prices. We are ready to serve you and your family’s home needs, so call us today!

Roofers in Atlanta: Choosing the Best for Your Home

Are you in the process of researching roofers in Atlanta, but want to make sure that you are choosing the best? We are sure that everyone wants to hire competent and professional roofing contractors, but how do you know whom to choose?

Choosing the best roofer

You can follow some tips to help you decipher between the best roofing contractors versus one you’re not satisfied with. Also, there are some questions that you should ask every potential roofer contracting company before you hire them. These tips and questions will give you an idea of some qualities and qualifications that the installers and contracting company should have.

Questions to ask potential roofing contractors

The following list includes some questions you should ask so you can choose the best roofer:

  • Is your company licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • Does your company offer the roofing and gutter installation services that I need? Are there any other services you provide, too?
  • How much experience do you have with delivering successful results for the services you need? Can I see some before and after pictures of projects you completed?
  • How long does it typically take for your company to complete a project? Is this a guaranteed time frame, or just a rough estimate of how long it will take?
  • How long have you been in business? How much experience (and what type) does your roof and gutter installers have?
  • Do you offer a free roofing estimate so I know what exactly needs to be repaired or installed?
  • If I request a free estimate, does that mean I have to hire you for the services, or what is your policy?
  • Do you have a showroom that I can visit to see the product(s) before installation? What are the hours and location of the showroom?
  • What types of products do you use? Are the products reputable and trust-worthy brands that last long and are durable?
  • Does your company offer any specials on services or products?
  • Does your labor and/or the products you use have warranties? If so, what are the exact specifications of the warranties?
  • What type of emergency service(s) do you offer? For instance, if I have an emergency, and I need the roofing or gutter service right away, does your company offer emergency and/or fast service?

What kind of service do you need?

If you’re unsure whether or not your home needs a new roof, you can either schedule your free roofing estimate (written) with us, or you can call us to ask questions. We have 39 years of experience being Atlanta’s most trusted roofing experts. We know that buying a new roof is a big investment, and you can feel confident you’re receiving top-notch services using top-of-the-line products, too.

So whether you are looking for a qualified roofer for roof replacement/roof repair, gutter installation, gutter cover installation , or architectural shingles, we have the solution to meet your needs!

Hire DeKalb Roofing Company and hire the best!

We want you and your family to be well protected, happy, and safe, and that means giving you quality craftsmanship through the roofing and gutter installation services we offer. You can be rest assured that our roofers will produce top-notch results for any of the services you choose!

Roofing Contractors Offering Free Estimates in Atlanta

Are you ready for a new roof to protect your home and family? If so, you will be very happy to know that our roofing contractors offer free estimates to Atlanta area residents. You can expect professional customer service, along with exceptional craftsmanship no matter which roofing or gutter installation service you choose.


We do it right the first time!

Rest assured, our roofers in Atlanta will not let you down. Actually, our company philosophy is that we do it right the first time. That means we are committed to making you happy and satisfied with our roofing services right from the start!

Whether you’d like to revitalize and enhance your home’s exterior with our architectural shingles, or if you’d like us to install the LeafSolution gutter covers, DeKalb Roofing Company has your roofing and gutter installation solutions.

What you can expect from us!

You can expect fast, friendly service from us. In addition, you can also expect:

  • When we come out to your home for your free quote, we will take into consideration many factors and thoroughly evaluate your roof and gutters before giving you our professional recommendation(s).
  • Regardless of which solutions we recommend, you and your family can be confident that our quality workmanship produces exquisite results for your home’s exterior appearance, and for your family’s safety. In addition, most of our products are backed by product warranties, as well as the 5-year labor warranty that our roofing company offers—it’s a win-win situation for you!
  • Once we make our recommendations, we encourage you to come to our showroom where you can see first-hand the vast amount of samples we have.
  • Here, you can choose which materials and products you’d like us to use!
  • After you hire us for your roofing and gutter needs, you can expect the same fast, friendly service throughout the entire project(s)!
  • Our customers have always been extremely happy and satisfied since we complete most roofing and gutter projects within 1-2 days.
  • After the project, we will also haul away all debris to leave your yard neat, clean, and beautiful.

Call us for your free estimate!

Using the finest roofing and gutter materials, coupled with our 39 years of experience, you can trust our roofing company to deliver unparalleled results. So, if you’re searching for top-notch roofing contractors, call us today to schedule your appointment. Our goal is to make you happy with every project because if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy either!

Three Tips for Hiring a Professional Roofing Contractor

After your last horrific thunderstorm, you go outside to check any damages that the strong winds did to your home and garden. As you walk around the exterior of your home, you look up, only to see part of your gutter hanging off the edge of your roof. Your mind immediately kicks into high gear, trying to figure out which contractor to quickly hire because you know the next big storm hits tomorrow. Well, our Atlanta roofing company wants you and your family to be protected, so we want to help you by giving you three tips for hiring a professional roofing contractor.

Three tips for hiring a professional roofing contractor

  1. Choose a roofing contractor who has ample experience. It is smart to choose a roofing company who has a proven track record of delivering quality craftsmanship. Sometimes a roofing company has before and after pictures of past customers’ projects, and by viewing these pictures, you will see what kind of results you can expect. Our roofing company has proudly been Atlanta’s most trusted roofing experts for the past 39 years—what an extraordinary track record that is!
  2. Choose a roofing contractor with the right credentials and qualifications. It is very smart on your part to hire a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured. All of these elements will not only protect them as a company, but will give you peace of mind that they are a legitimate company that is well qualified. Each of our roof and gutter installers have been employed with us for 10 years or more—that shows their dedication to the industry, and also exemplifies the skills and expertise they have grasped throughout the years. Rest assured, you will get quality results from us!
  3. Choose a roofing contractor who offers the roofing and gutter installation services you need, along with outstanding customer service. Make sure you hire a contractor who has the exact services you need—this sometimes goes without saying, but some people overlook how important this tip is! At DeKalb Roofing Company, we offer roof installation, gutter installation, architectural shingles, and gutter covers. In other words, we’ve got your roofing and gutter needs covered— not to mention our friendly and professional customer service!

Are you ready to choose us?

Whether you are in a hurry to fix your gutter before the next big storm approaches, or if you would like to enhance the appearance of your roof (with architectural shingles), DeKalb Roofing Company has your solutions! You can call us today for your free quote, and to take advantage of our unbeatable roofing and gutter installation services.

3 Reasons All Roofing Companies are NOT Created Equal

When searching for a roofing company, it is important to note that all of the companies you come across are not equal. In fact, there are a few exceptional roofing companies in the area, and then there are many that do not perform the quality work you deserve for your investment.

At Dekalb Roofing Company, we want to educate consumers so they can select the best roofer for the job. Below are 3 reasons that all roofing contractors are NOT created equal.

1. Experience

  • Experience plays an important role when roofing a home or office building, and at Dekalb Roofing Company we know this better than anyone else. In fact, we have been in business for nearly 40 years!
  • When you hire us to oversee your roofing project, you will receive a prompt quote, professional service, and a quick turnaround time on your project. Our team of dedicated roofing specialists can typically have your project completed in just 1-2 days!

2. Customer Service

  • We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and will go out of our way to make sure the job is done to your satisfaction. Many roofing companies work as quickly as possible, and pay little attention to the quality of their work. At Dekalb Roofing Company we stand by our work, and offer a 5-year warranty on labor.
  • In addition, when calling our office or visiting our showroom, you will be greeted with a smile and a handshake. We believe in treating the customer with the utmost dignity and respect.

3. Clean Up

  • Are you concerned that a roofing project will leave your yard in shambles? Whether you need a new roof, professional gutter installation, gutter covers or any other service that we offer, your yard will look impeccable when we leave.
  • Our roofing contractors are trained to leave your yard just as they found it– no nails or other foreign materials will be left behind!

If you are searching for an Atlanta roofing company that you can trust to finish the job in time and on budget, then contact Dekalb Roofing Company today for your free estimate!